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About Love

This post is not intended to be in anyway an exhibition of my personal life – which is already disclosed on this website more than what I feel comfortable with. I’m still speaking also about my love for people since I consider it analogous to what people usually call dedication or vocation, when speaking about their work. The new shades and hues in the human … Continue reading About Love

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Project Management

You don’t really notice the omnipresence of Project Management in all entrepreneurial endeavours until you happen to study it. I first encountered the concept of Project Management when I was preparing the business plan for my second company. A college, which I had frequented previously offered training in the use of MS Project and on the fundamentals of Project Management by APM. I was choking … Continue reading Project Management

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Using the Professional Résumé Features of this Website

The posts above this are all sticky posts that I personally deem useful to have a first idea. The posts below are chronologically the last ones that I have issued. In the toolbar at the top you may find the posts grouped by significant categories. The toolbars on the side and below will help you finding other tools to consult the blogs. I’m not overly … Continue reading Using the Professional Résumé Features of this Website

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About sorrow

Sorrow is our companion from the moment we step over the threshold of life and leave the only woman who will love us through her lifetime. It became my constant attendant for several years, having a series of griefs hit my family. Having carried the bereavement for years in memory of my lost ones, I expected normal life to return just moving my black suite … Continue reading About sorrow

Dancing on the Edge

When time used to go slower, generations lasted for decades – a minimum of a quarter of a century. The last long generation was the Silent Generation. Baby boomers didn’t really last for twenty years and none of the following ones seems to have lasted for more than fifteen years. Those of us who are in the active share of the population must cope with … Continue reading Dancing on the Edge