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I was once made the trick question “why do you want to become entrepreneur?” My turn to answer around the table of that entrepreneurship course participants approached with the speed of a happy-to-see-you-slobbering hound. I heard all the good answers like “I want to make change in the life of my customers” and “to make tons of money” were taken in the two first minutes.

When my turn came, I didn’t have any other choice but give the most spontaneous answer to pop in my mind: “it is the time in my life to do so.”

Having found myself miraculously alive after a pretty dire ailment that kept me in bed for two months and having lost all velleity of becoming opera singer, I decided that it was the right moment to do the best with the time that providence might still allow me to live.

I had worked most of my time with greater international corporations like Haka oy, Max Mara or Choice Hotels International. Becoming my own boss seemed like a sensible evolution. Moreover, during introduction to entrepreneurship courses, when blissfully confronted with such Bransonian pearls of wisdom such as “When you fall you will still go forward” or “You learn more with failure than with success”, I felt that my endeavour could only be a win-win.

However, a consequence of working with international corporations is that you just cannot manage to dream at the level of small business. In truth, most of my business ideas are so big, that you simply cannot dream to realise them with only your own finances.

To remain with my feet on the ground, I had to use pretty much imagination:

  • Arlesiana ltd is an initiative which sprouted on the heels of the BREXIT referendum, with the idea of providing tax heaven kind of services for overseas companies, once the Tories would realize their ideal of EU-free UK. Even if the original concept was to target the franchising companies from mainland, I’m currently focusing the business idea around promoting logistics connected to the Northern Sea Railway.
  • New Granada Playhouse CIC was one of the units created to bid for the Charles Cryer Theatre owned by the Sutton Council. The community interest company was to manage and let the premises as a community theatre to insure a year-around availability of cultural facilities for the London Borough of Sutton. I’m currently planning to target another facility in another location and the company is dormant.
  • Il Duo dei Gatti CLG was another of the companies created for the purpose of providing business for the Charles Cryer Theatre. Its activity was primarily to help keep the “lights on” in the theatre during the slow periods of the activity, such as summer months or regular Mondays or Tuesdays. It was to provide activities for diversely abled segments of the population as well as a summer academy of classical music, on a charitable base. We are keeping the Company dormant at the time being while searching for another destination for the activity.
  • Thalia’s Crook Ltd was a completely private theatre production company, which was meant to provide spectacles for the Charles Cryer Theatre in the first year, if the local initiative had been slow in reacting to the opportunity presented by the opening of the theatre. The Company is currently dormant and very likely to be shut down shortly.

The market of entrepreneurial offer that London provides incredibly easy opportunities elsewhere in Europe – not to speak about a uniquely inspiring and encouraging mindset from the authorities.

In a very short time, I managed to realize a much-needed update for my skills, which had been dormant during the years dedicated to my musical studies.

The year spent claiming my rights from my abusive former employer helped me hone my skills in the areas of strength of leadership:

  • Co-ordination – People oriented
  • Project Management
  • Shaper – action oriented, proactive, make it happen
  • Sales – which had already been my passion
  • Negotiation skills

I still must admit failure with any of the companies that I set up… Does it mean that I haven’t taken in the lesson that they were supposed to dispatch – since one is supposed to learn more from failure than success? It is yet to see. The missions assigned to each of them are still pretty actual, and I’m expecting them to turn active in the next few months. Though they are dormant, my mind is still dreaming with each of them.

It might be that the new attitude of entrepreneurship is to confine each segment of your dreams to a separate legal entity. It most certainly helps the authorities to tax your dreams. Everybody is happy!

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