About sorrow

Sorrow is our companion from the moment we step over the threshold of life and leave the only woman who will love us through her lifetime. It became my constant attendant for several years, having a series of griefs hit my family. Having carried the bereavement for years in memory of my lost ones, I expected normal life to return just moving my black suite in the mothballs.

However, after a while, sorrow became the friend which I was secretly looking for even when everything was all right. Being accustomed to its soothing touch and whispered memories of halcyon days of happiness, I was guiltily looking for it in all aspects of my creative work. Life stopped being learning to die – it became learning to lose.

And somehow, the happy end became an end to dread!

Waking up one day after crying your loss and leaving your cocoon to face sunshine, flowers and birds is a hard labour. It means giving all those blessings a new sense with other people, other context and other chance. But still it feels like a betrayal of your memories.

Growing up means learning to live with guilt.