Project Management

You don’t really notice the omnipresence of Project Management in all entrepreneurial endeavours until you happen to study it.

I first encountered the concept of Project Management when I was preparing the business plan for my second company. A college, which I had frequented previously offered training in the use of MS Project and on the fundamentals of Project Management by APM. I was choking upon the price requested for the course and since being unemployed allowed me to take the course free of charge, I enrolled.

I found a topic that was an exact fit for my nature, satisfying my passion for puzzles, imagination and control in one take. I felt that this was an area where I could excel.

Obviously, I went several months afterward setting in Gantt charts every imaginable fantasy. I finally admitted that I was going too far when I realised that Christmas Dinner didn’t really need an evaluation of scope-cost-time.

However, the knowledge received has since been a valuable tool in the several business projects that I have been involved since then.