Working with great minds…

Having worked and studied with genii is a blessing which life has given me. I’m not ashamed of shouting it from every roof.

Far from making me into a genius, it has however opened me an insight upon how those egregious minds work and humbled me in front of the results.

Definition of genius.

I’m patting myself on the shoulder, not so much for the opportunities that I had to share those privileged moments, as for surviving those experiences as a better person. The realisation that you accept and want to learn from those who are beyond the best is in fact a vocational, hard skill which is not given to everybody.

Especially among the millennials, accepting to recognize the talent of the other is a hard pill to swallow – accepting to submit to a genius is often an impossible expectation for them. Talent shows are after all the antithesis of genius, and often the creative process behind egregious performances cannot support reality TV.