About Love

This post is not intended to be in anyway an exhibition of my personal life – which is already disclosed on this website more than what I feel comfortable with.

I’m still speaking also about my love for people since I consider it analogous to what people usually call dedication or vocation, when speaking about their work.

The new shades and hues in the human relations and identities has opened a new window also on your ways to report with our organized activities, jobs, hobbies and even chores.

The new definitions of affections have allowed me to redefine myself: I’m polyamorous. For a long time, in the gay ghetto, I felt shunned for my butterfly-like behaviour. The expectation was, that we should still duplicate the monogamic behaviour pattern of mainstream Christian heterosexual society, even if it was with somebody of our own gender. The secret definition of me as “harlot” found a new, respectable name for my drive.

The discussion begun, when we noticed that even if gender might be between your legs, your sexual orientation was in your head.

The new generations started spawning new terminology and new shades of grey in each.

As said, I’m polyamorous – not only with people, but also with my work. You could say that I’m like a sailor, who although he has home haven, he still needs to frequent as many unknown ports as possible.

The fact of continuously discovering new things make me fall in love with them. Humans as well as initiatives. The “but” rises at the instant of the commitment: you may get infatuated several times in your life, but your great loves will be 2-3. Why that? Simply you won’t fall enthralled to it more times – and the first ones are always the most intense. Also, even with those few great loves, you will be lucky if one of them is the kind that will allow you to get old together.

Take in consideration that even if the partner is ideal for you, you can’t take for granted that you are ideal for him/her. The same goes for the occupations in your life.

The dedication to a task should grow as long as you are learning it, but at the end, you will be passionate about few of them – and hopefully at least one will help you to make a living of it.

I’m still finding the passion for the activities – I still must fall in love with the industry.

These are the posts where I develop the passion for the hard skills which have taken my heart over the years: